We hope you have enjoyed viewing all of the facilities we have to offer on our hassle free website which will allow our visitors to browse freely at up and coming competitions, view our livery options or book tuition with our highly qualitied coaches! The choice is yours and is totally inclusive to your needs.

We as a family have always had a keen interest in equines in various different capacities throughout our lives. So, having the love for horses that we do, this new family generation would like to bring our interests to life! We want to make our mark on the equestrian industry in Ireland so this is how Hollypark Stables came to be.

From young aspiring eventers, to international horse rider our facility will give each equine enthusiast a unique adventure.

Our aim is simple, to provide an all-inclusive purpose built experience for all ages and levels.

Through time, research and profound efforts our facility has been developed to offer an experience you will not forget. We wanted to get to the real grass roots of the equestrian world and in doing so have partnered with various organisations, clubs and businesses in order to full immerse ourselves in all the equine industry has to offer to provide each rider with the full package!

A intercontinental standard has been provided in our facilities so that Irish riders can get a taste for performing at a high level. This facility caters for that budding rider who wants to expand their horizons or an international rider who wants a taste of the Emerald Isle. The high level and top quality facility is suitable for every rider.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and appreciate your custom!

Hollypark Stables Equestrian Centre


We want to uphold and maintain both quality and standards at Hollypark Stables and expect our rider to do the same for the good of all our customers. Please make yourself aware of the the rules and regulations that are in place surrounding the various aspects of our competitions.We want to ensure all safety standard will be upheld while competitions run in our facility.

Please read the following in order to familiarise yourself on the regulations we would appreciate our customers to uphold.

Time Keeping

Strict time-keeping measures must be obtained when competing. When entering into a competition, please be mindful of your time and the starters list as if you are late you will forfeit your opportunity to compete. It is the judges decision if you will be allowed to jump but this will mean that you will not be competing and will not gain points or prizes.


There will be information leaflets provided to each competitor regarding how our arenas work for easy use.

Warm up and Cooldown Arenas

There will be information leafleThere are a variety of warm up arenas located around our facility. All riders must warm up and cool down in the Figure 8 track with no time restrictions.

Each competition ring has a jumping warm-up which is exclusively for jumping. There will be a Time-Limit of 15 minutes for each rider prior to their competition time. Once you have completed your round you must return to the cool down arena located, once again, in the Figure 8 track.


We kindly ask everyone visiting Hollypark Stables to please respect all aspects of our facility. A huge amount of time and effort has been take to ensure you have a great time with us. So, please be mindful that you must maintain clean and tidy standards during your time with us. All horse dropping must be cleaned up and all rubbish must be disposed of into the correct bin. Any breakages will be charged. All stables must maintain a tidy standard and must be fully-cleaned on departure, if not, it will also be charged to your account.

We would like to thank you for making yourself aware of our regulation at Hollypark Stables and we hope to see you soon!

Abuse & bullying

We will not tolerate any kind of unsocial behaviour or bullying in our facilities and during our competitions all competitors, judges, stewards and customers alike. Complaints or objections must be presented to the office and a the decision will be made. Oral complaints will not be taken.